The SupaHeroz aka The SuperVillenz is Hip-Hop's first musical band dedicated to investing finances aimed at helping and protecting female Artists aka "The SuperWomen".  This website is dedicated to all things SUPAHEROZ-SUPERWOMEN-SUPERVILLENZ.  Find new music videos, event tickets, podcast episodes and more.  Visit the Home of the SuperWomen, SupaHeroz and SuperVillenz weekly to checkout your latest updates.

Special Thanks to Shomari Bingham Cage, Derrick 'ShugDe' Cobbins, Cash Clay Beats, Sammy Puebles, PVS Studios, GMG Records.

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HotRod is an ATL to L.A. based Executive Artist born in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He went from Corporate Sales into field of Education as a Para-Pro, under the Teachers of Tomorrow Certification Program. He obtained over 25,000 hours Community Outreach as a Volunteer, doing so, as a Success Coach for Midwest public schools students of all ages. Shortly after leaving his undergraduate commencement ceremony at University of Michigan-Flint’s Africana Studies, in 2016, HotRod re-entered into the music business landing in Hollywood, California. He is known for producing theatrical shows. He's earned a nomination for "Best Actor" at West Michigan's Grand Awards for starring in 5 Lead roles during the same live production of “Facing Our Truth: 10-Minute Plays on Trayvon Martin, Race and Privilege”.  It was directed by Sammy Puebles.  By 2017, HotRod established his style of music dubbed “Rhythmo” for the record label HOOK RECORDS-GMG.  Rhythmo Hip-Hop is aimed at every sound, word, vibration and utterance made with the goals to uplift, protect, educate and love women.


Hook Records records in:

Hollywood, California and Atlanta, Georgia with Platinum BillBoard Top 100 Producers only. 

"To be the Best, be with the Best.

Call Me 310.691.3056"


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Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 12.43.29

Sex is a recurring theme. A poetic story of sex, written to spark adult content conversations and to get the love juices flowing.

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A real life account of the effects Racism and Misogyny plays within inner-city United States. A snapshot of social climate exposed through intimate encounters from the 1970's through the year 2014 told by an eyewitness. A man explaining his vulnerabilities and rationalizations in his own words. The conclusion shows to be positive.

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