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HotRod is an ATL to L.A. based Executive Artist born in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He went from Corporate Sales into field of Education as a Para-Pro, under the Teachers of Tomorrow Certification Program. He obtained over 25,000 hours Community Outreach as a Volunteer, doing so, as a Success Coach for Midwest public schools students of all ages. Shortly after leaving his undergraduate commencement ceremony at University of Michigan-Flint’s Africana Studies, in 2016, HotRod re-entered into the music business landing in Hollywood, California. He is known for producing theatrical shows. He's earned a nomination for "Best Actor" at West Michigan's Grand Awards for starring in 5 Lead roles during the same live production of “Facing Our Truth: 10-Minute Plays on Trayvon Martin, Race and Privilege”.  It was directed by Sammy Puebles.  By 2017, HotRod established his style of music dubbed “Rhythmo” for the record label HOOK RECORDS-GMG.  Rhythmo Hip-Hop is aimed at every sound, word, vibration and utterance made with the goals to uplift, protect, educate and love women.


Hook Records records in:

Hollywood, California and Atlanta, Georgia with Platinum BillBoard Top 100 Producers only. 

"To be the Best, be with the Best.

Call Me 310.691.3056"


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Sex is a recurring theme. A poetic story of sex, written to spark adult content conversations and to get the love juices flowing.

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A real life account of the effects Racism and Misogyny plays within inner-city United States. A snapshot of social climate exposed through intimate encounters from the 1970's through the year 2014 told by an eyewitness. A man explaining his vulnerabilities and rationalizations in his own words. The conclusion shows to be positive.

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